Friday, December 15, 2006

A shift in methodology

I don't really have a whole lot to convey. As you may have noticed from my diet blog, I quit keeping a food journal. Its original purpose was to keep me from eating bad food since people could see what I was eating and hold me accountable (and also since I had to write down bad stuff I ate and it would make me feel guilty). To that end, it was successful. I no longer feel compelled to eat bad food and if given the choice will usually choose the healthy option. I almost find it a fun challenge to find the best thing for me on a menu when I go out to eat. What I am now falling short in is eating enough of the good food. I am formulating a checklist that will contain everything I should optimally eat in a day. Each day I will pick up a new checklist and aim to check everything off. In addition, if I do eat anything bad, I will note it on the back.

I am still on a bit of a plateau health-wise. I have been badly congested lately. I feel this is mostly due to, as mentioned above, not eating enough. In addition, I am not very religious about taking my vitamins and supplements and lifting weights. I am kind of in a period of flux since I am between semesters but I am trying to establish a workout schedule during the day (there is a gym at the Air Force base that I have access to). Dr. Fuhrman said I am not to do aerobic exercise since I am trying to gain weight. However, my lungs are nearly worthless. I get winded walking the 4 blocks to the bus stop in the morning and I feel that I need some cardiovascular exercise. I think I'll spend a little time on the stationary bike each time I go to the gym to see if that helps. I will keep a close eye on my weight to make sure I don't lose any.

I'll admit I was a little bad this week - it was my birthday and my mom made German chocolate cake since it's my favorite. Healthy or not, I can't pass up a slice or two. I have finally kicked my coffee habit and now drink tea instead. I know that it's still nutritionally worthless but there's no cream in it and I need something hot in the morning.