Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vampires and Viruses

About a week and a half ago, I came off my fourth round of antibiotics in as many months for this blasted sinus/bronchial rubbish that has been plaguing me. I started getting congested a few days ago and decided that I cannot continue this vicious cycle any longer. I therefore started my vegetable juice program again (I admit I have been lax the last several months) and am throwing a couple cloves of garlic in my evening juice. This does afford a rather strong taste and probably makes me quite rank (I have no sense of smell to speak of) but it does seem to be helping keep the congestion to a bearable level and is certainly reducing my risk of being attacked by a vampire.

On another note, exercise has been going well. I started riding the exercise bike about three and a half weeks ago and have not missed a day since. I am still planning to begin riding my bicycle to work but will probably begin over Christmas break rather than waiting until graduation. I've also been doing pull ups every two or three days and recently threw push ups into the mix. I've noticed a big difference in my stamina and general well-being from the exercise. To heck with losing weight - I'd rather be what I am and feeling good than 5 lbs heavier and in an iron lung.

I visited a new doctor yesterday - one specializing in infectious disease. For the first time from a medical professional, I received an educated speculation as to what may actually be wrong with me. He is of the opinion that I have a sort of virus that invades cells and lives within rather than attaching and killing them. This makes it impossible for the immune system to attack and destroy the virus. In addition, this virus tends to attack the thymus, which can be thought of as an educational center for immune system cells. Therefore, my body is weak to other sorts of neevils (read The Magician's Nephew). He went into a great bit more detail but I kind of got information overloaded. The crux of the matter is that there is no known cure, but it is a very cutting edge field and this doctor is one of the prominent researchers on the subject. At least now I have a general idea of what's happening. He recommended getting in contact with a T-cell research lab at UCLA or USC so that is the next step.

I'm actually pretty excited about this news and optimistic that there may be a solution waiting to be discovered.