Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good news, sort of

Well, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth and busting people's chops who were in places of authority, I got my infusions switched back to Crescent Healthcare (the home health people) so there will be no more monthly (or month-and-a-half-ly as it usually turned out to be) journey to the infusion center and sitting there and getting depressed while being infused with the wrong medicine for seven hours. Whee!

On the other hand, my lungs are in pretty rough shape. I get winded doing the simplest of exhertional tasks. I am continually congested and coughing up mucus. I have a feeling part of my problem is simple atrophy. I do almost no cardiovascular exercise (Dr. Fuhrman said it would probably make me lose weight) so I never really get my heart and breathing rate up and stretch the lungs. I plan to remedy that situation after the semester is over. There is also an underlying problem that is making me produce all this mucus - otherwise I would eventually cough everything up. That I'm not sure about. It may be diet - but I'm sticking to Dr. Fuhrman's plan about 90-95%. I need to get rid of that 5-10% and make sure I get my quotas of everything. It's a challenge to eat when one is not hungry, and if I overeat I often get sick.

Overall, though, my health has been OK. My digestion is acceptable but not great, and generally plateaued when I'm not 2 weeks late for my infusion. Both my parents and my youngest brother got pneumonia and I never caught it. I think my body is actually fighting it, which is kind of amazing. I'm sure that's another part of my lung problem - I have scarring from years of pneumonia and bronchitis when I was a kid.

Once the semester gets out and I have less stress and a more regular schedule, I think I will have time to cook all the right stuff for myself and get on a regular exercise plan.