Friday, July 20, 2007

June and half of July update

Well, it's been a bit of a health roller coaster over the past couple months. In the middle of May I came down with a sinus/bronchial infection (actually, it had been festering for months and it finally got the better of me) and was put on antibiotics. A week and a half after I got off the antibiotics, I got food poisoning from some outdated veggies and the infection came back. So I went back on the antibiotics for another couple weeks. In the middle of all this, I went to see a pulmonary specialist (lung doctor). I had a pulmonary function test, some x-rays, and a CAT scan. The conclusion was that my lung capacity is reduced (duh) so the good doctor put me on a couple inhalers and ordered a bronchoscopy (basically a vacuuming of the lungs).

Since then I have been doing OK but not great. I can say that I genuinely like this doctor. He is proactive and admits when something is out of his league. He is not hesitant to consult other specialists (he issued a referral for an infectious disease doctor). My immunologist does not share these traits. She is of the opinion that she has found the solution and that I must be doing something wrong if it isn't working.

I'm sticking to the Dr. Fuhrman plan but have modified what I had been doing slightly - I eat eggs or turkey most days simply because I need extra calories. I am still having trouble gaining weight, partly due to the challenge of fixing 2000+ calories of healthy food daily.