Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feeling better

Well, I think I have discovered the secret to feeling well. The trick (for me anyway) is to drink two glasses of vegetable juice per day. I had gotten out of the habit of juicing in the morning, primarily because it took some amount of time to clean out the juicer and it's nasty if you don't do so immediately. So, upon the recommendation of my chiropractor, I began juicing extra in the evening and putting it in the fridge until morning. This seems to be working pretty well and despite the arguments that it loses nutrients quickly, I can definitely notice a difference in how I feel. I'm not quite as congested when I wake up.

I have also been battling an ear infection for the last week or so. It's much better now than it was a week ago but is still not tip top. The only medicine I used was olive oil garlic eardrops. It sounds funny, but works great. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and does not screw with your immune system (unlike other antibiotics). This is very encouraging for me since my body rarely fights off disease like it should.

On another note, the insurance company decided that a home health nurse is too expensive to pay for and I now must go to an infusion center once a month for my IVIG infusions. This is the first month and my infusion was supposed to be last Thursday. Naturally, they screwed up and the Gammunex (infusion juice) is on backorder. No telling when it'll be in. Amazing - Crescent (the home health organization) did a flawless job for 3 years. The insurance company has now been responsible for a couple weeks and have already botched things.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have been horrible about keeping my food journal the last couple weeks. It's not that I'm eating bad stuff and trying to hide it - it's just that I get lazy and don't do it for a couple days. Then I forget what I ate. I have been pretty diligent the last couple days. I must say that the food journal has served its original purpose, which was to keep me from cheating as much. That aspect has certainly improved and now I am to the point where I don't even feel like cheating often. I now need to make sure I am eating enough of the right food each day.

Weightlifting has been going well. I got some dumbells to supplement the free weights. I would like to step up the intensity of my upper body workout because I would like to step up the intensity of my upper body.

There's not much else to report. I still have a lot of congestion in the mornings but very rarely have dry coughing fits at night unless I eat the wrong thing.